is a composer, orchestrator, and producer.

How Do You Write


How Do You Write A Joe Schermann Song?

Kitchen Table Films, Flicker Dreams Productions

Released March 2012

Credit: Orchestrator, Session Conductor, Copyist (Music Dept.)
Writer: Gary King
Director: Gary King
Composers: Joe Schermann (music/lyrics), Kenneth Lampl (score)

Short listed for IFP’s Gotham Audience Award
Film of the Festival (Raindance Film Festival)
Dan Harkins Breakthrough Filmmaker Award (Phoenix Film Festival)
Cox Audience Award  (Phoenix Film Festival)
Best Director (Flyway Film Festival)
Most Innovative Film (Ft. Lauderdale Int. Film Festival)
Best Film (Idyllwild Film Festvial)
Best Director (Idyllwild Film Festvial)
Best Soundtrack (Idyllwild Film Festvial)
Best Film (AMFM Festival)

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